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You On Your Website

Let your potential customers and clients meet you

Your website is about you or your services. So your website visitors need to meet you. That way, they know who they are talking to if they want to call you or fill out a contact form. They can't get a feel for who you really are and whether they can trust you if all you have on your website is text, and maybe a picture.

We can help you introduce yourself to your website visitors with our You On Your Website service. Whether you want to appear on top of your website, or within a website video, we can make it happen for as little as $79.

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Our Website Spokespeople

Let your potential customers & clients meet your representative

If you don't want to stand in from of a camera, let us do it for you. Our actors will represent your website, business, or products in a believable way. All you have to do is pick your spokesperson from our professional cast, and choose how many messages you want them to film.

The pricing just comes down to $79 for each 30-second clip and $99 for each 60 second clip, then we add on a one-time actor fee (shown on our Actors page) for your project.

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On Your Website

You or your representative on your website

Our spokesperson technology works on all browsers and devices. You or your spokesperson will appear in the bottom corner of the screen, speaking to your visitors. We also provide you the option of whether your spokesperson will begin speaking automatically, or start silent with a Click To Play button. And with our Digital Media Center, you can have different messages for return visitors, specific countries, times of day, etc.

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On Tablets And Smartphones

HTML5 Fallback

Reading on a phone isn't fun. So you need to reach your visitors with video. More people every day are doing web browsing using their phones.

We've crafted an elegant solution that brings your website to life, even on devices that don't support Flash. Using the latest HTML5 technology, we can bring video to your website and have spokespeople speaking to your visitors no matter what device they're using.

You can even deliver a different message to mobile users visitors than desktop visitors.

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Website Videos

You or your representative in website videos

There's no need to blow your entire marketing budget on videos for your website with a web presenter. Instead of having us produce a transparent overlay using your footage or our actors, we can make it into a video that can be embedded on your website, into an email, or uploaded to Youtube. And if you want to take it a step further with graphics or motion text, it's as little as an additional $50 per 30 seconds.

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Digital Media Center

$9.99 per month for up to 25 spokesperson clips per website

The first month is free! Have complete control over your spokespeople using our state-of-the-art technology. You can control how, when, and where your spokespeople play. Our web app makes it simple. Try it out for a month. If you don't like it, you're not locked in. You can host the spokesperson yourself for free. But $9.99 isn't much to pay for an entire media platform.